Updated: Mar 31


  1. PayNow or Paylah +65 97769753 the desired amount

  2. Write a message "PEBBLES DONATION <NAME>".

  3. Optional: Take a screenshot and send to +65 97769753 for further confirmation if you wish!:)


Please scan this QR code to transfer the desired/specified amount.


  1. Using your banking app, scan QR code below.

  2. Log in

  3. Enter OTP that will be sent to your phone

  4. Indicate your Name. Under "Add comments for recipient", write "PEBBLES DONATION <NAME>". This is important, especially if your PayNow username is your nickname.

  5. Enter desired/specified payment amount

  6. Click "Pay Now"

  7. Click "Transfer Now"

  8. Take a screenshot for future reference.

  9. Optional: You may send the screenshot to +65 97769753 for further confirmation if you wish!

Will be updated before QR code expires
Pebbles QR Code

Pebbles is currently a small ground up volunteer group with little funds so we apologise for having to do manual payments for now! We will be transitioning to online payments soon!

Thank you! :)

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