Children's Home, Hospice and Old Folk's Home Visits!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020


Pebbles in a Shoebox had organised many projects in the past that involved many of our senior citizens and underprivileged children such as visits to various homes. Our visits to Jamiyah Children's and Muhamadiyah Children's Home always proves fruitful in making the children happy through the activities we plan. Some activities consist of sports, sushi making, arts and craft and even performances! Visiting HCA hospice and Orange Valley Old Folks Home had also been an educational journey for our Pebbles and an enjoyable time for the elders. We had organised many activities for them such as pillow-making, karaoke and dance performances which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Our Pebbles

These projects also served as an experience for our Pebbles in understanding the different lifestyles of people in our society and the little differences we can contribute to make Singapore a more gracious and kind society. They put in effort to prepare all the items required for these projects, from little details such as carrying items to the home to even learning a full dance routine. The effort made by these Pebbles will forever be appreciated and the impact of their actions will be remembered fondly by our beneficiaries as well as our organisation.

The overview

Even though these projects have already passed, we hope the history of our projects will show you the importance of serving, helping and showing kindness to everyone in our society. While we may not be continuing some of these visits, such as the elderly home visits, we will continue to have projects that branch out to these homes that we hope you may consider joining in future! We are always open to accepting volunteers, the more the merrier!

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